Body Care by Accentric

Orange Energizing Exfoliating Polish

Energizing Exfoliating Massage 1h  |  $120
Special express two-in-one treatment that deeply exfoliates to reveal a new, radiant you as it peps up skin’s energy with a stimulating massage trio of Orange, Lemon and Bergamot essential oils.

Lavender Relaxing Exfoliating Polish

Relaxing Exfoliating Massage 1h  |  $120
Special express two-in-one treatment that exfoliates and removes impurities, while an aromatic calming oil massage with Lavender and Chamomile essential oils nourishes skin and banishes muscle tension.

Black Pepper Slim & Detox

Slimming & Detoxifying Treatment 1h30  |  $155
A delightful slimming and detoxifying treatment designed to drain, tone, refine the look of “orange peel” skin, remove toxins and target unwanted fatty tissues.

Palmarosa & Jojoba Firming Lift

Firming & Toning Treatment 1h30  |  $155
A smoothing, firming treatment that wakes up muscle tone targeting trouble spots where skin has lost elasticity to fight every inch of collagen loss and reveal a firmed, youthful body.

Shea Butter & Wheat Moisture Drench

Deep Nourishing Treatment 1h  |  $155
Experience immediate and exquisite relief from dry, tight skin as luxurious layers of pampering nourishment plump, soften, smooth and soothe skin.

Sandalwood & Sunflower Revitalizer

Energy & Vitality Body Treatment 1h30  |  $155
An energizing body revival to activate blood circulation and help to firm muscles as skin is saturated with vitamins and exquisite, vitalizing essential oils.

Bergamot & Lemon Grass Stress Release

De-stress Body Treatment 1h30  |  $155
Tension and mental clutters melt away with this blend of gentle exfoliation, nourishment and aroma-tic essences applied through rhythmic movement that soothes and smoothes the body and mind.