Darphin Paris Skin Care

  • Darphin is a professional, botanical, parisian skincare line committed to its Institute-Spa heritage.
  • Its luxurious formulas are based on a harmonious blend of technology, plants and pure essential oils. 
  • Darphin’s unique system of skin analysis, prescription and application techniques enhances product performance and delivers customized results.
  • Darphin has gathered the best of nature and science at the heart of its professional formulas. 
  • The exquisite textures and aromas derived from the high concentration of the most rare and luxurious essential oils offers the ultimate sensory experience.
Accentric Salon & Spa offers a range of unique and luxurious treatments suitable for all skin types.

Thanks to the 3D concept, each treatment is endlessly customizable with the beautician’s expertise in addressing the client’s skin type, specific needs and expectations. This offers the most targeted and complete treatment possible.

3D Customized Facials (5)

Darphin facial treatments are unique in that every protocol can be customized for any individual, with targeted formulations, regardless of skin type (dry, oily, sensitive, aging and any combination) to indulge in any treatment and benefit beautifully.