Permanent Hair Removal

IPL Permanent Hair Removal/Reduction

You can acquire superior permanent reduction of hair without the inconvenience of waxing, tweezing or shaving. Our treatment system uses a specialized hand piece that delivers pulses of intense light to the hair follicles. The pigment in the hair absorbs this light and converts it to heat.  This loosens the hair and destroys the cells responsible for the new growth.

Service not listed are available please call for further inquires. "contact us" Services are provided at Country Hills & Oakridge locations. 

What is recommended to do before and after IPL hair removal?

  • You should not get tanned, because you could make the hair removal process more difficult (tanning is related to melanin, also).
  • You can shave but you cannot use wax. Wax removes the hair from the root and we want the hair still in the root at the beginning of the process, to destroy the follicle.

Post Treatment Expectations

  • You may experience a mild sunburn sensation immediately after treatment that usually subsides within a couple of hours. You should not expose to direct sunlight.
  • You should not take hot baths or saunas. Typically 3-6 total treatments will be necessary to achieve optimal results.

Areola  |  $70
Bikini Line  |  $100
Brazilian  |  $225
Brazilian with Landing Strip  |  $180
Buttocks  |  $240
Cheeks  |  $95
Chest  |  $240
Chin  |  $80
Ear  |  $50
Feet  |  $85
Fingers & Toes  |  $80
Full Arms  |  $275
Full Back  |  $300
Full Face  |  $200
Full Legs  |  $475
Hands  |  $65
Jaw line  |  $80
Lower Leg  |  $275
Navel Strip  |  $80
Neck Front or Back  |  $120
Shoulders  |  $195
Side Burns  |  $85
Under arms  |  $95
Upper Leg  |  $300
Upper Lip  |  $65
Upper arms  |  $180