IPL Photorejuvenation

What is IPL Photorejuvenation?

Photofacials or Photorejuvenation treatments are quick and simple.  A state of the art hand piece is placed on the target area delivering intense pulses of light that penetrate into the upper layer of skin (epidermis).  The IPL treatment is used to help erase signs of sun damage (bronzing & sunspots), redness from acne scars, rosacea, small red vessels, and port wine birthmarks.  The face, chest, hands and arms are the most common treatment areas.  

How do these treatments improve my skin?

Photofacial treatments can refine and lighten your complexion by dissolving the dark pigment cells that make your skin look and feel older.  The reaction with intense pulsed light also shrinks red blood vessels in the face and chest which fade those red and blotchy, flushed areas across the nose, chin and cheeks.  This helps create a smoother skin surface.  IPL also stimulates collagen production resulting in improved tone and tightening across the skin surface.

How many treatments will I need?

Some sunspots will fade significantly after a single treatment, but may need 2 or 3 treatments for optimal results.  Redness/red vessels will usually need 2-4 total treatments for optimal results.  Studies have shown up to 80-90% improvement in symptoms of rosacea after IPL treatments.  With each treatment the effects of Photorejuvenation become more pronounced.

IPL Frequently Asked Questions:

Will this hurt?

Most customers report no pain with IPL treatments.  Some describe a pulse as feeling like a small rubber band snap, but again, most describe it as not painful.  Some treatment areas are more sensitive than others, so there will be variation in what you feel.  If you are going to have hair or skin treated, there is no better combination of effectiveness, safety and comfort than with IPL.   

How many treatments will it take?

Different targets respond differently.  For example, since not all hair is in the growth or anagen phase at the same time (which is the optimal time for IPL treatment), multiple sessions are usually required to achieve a great result.  Your goals will also influence the number of treatments - some are looking for a noticeable improvement, while others literally want to never shave again.

Skin blemishes such as rosacea, age spots and spider veins often require fewer treatments than hair reduction.  Every person responds differently, but every person does respond.

Services are provided at Country Hills & Oakridge locations.

Price List

Acne Treatment  |  $170
Photofacial Face & Neck  |  $245
Pigmented Lesions Full Chest  |  $250
Rejuvenation Chest  |  $175
Rosacea Treatment (Per spot)  |  $75
Spider Vein Treatment  |  $150
Sunspot Treatments (6)  |  $75
Sunspots Hands  |  $150
Telangiectasia Cheeks  |  $65
Telangiectasia Chin  |  $50
Telangiectasia Neck  |  $80
Telangiectasia Nose  |  $50