Medi-Spa by Accentric

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a great advance in hair and blemish reduction, offering many benefits over older methods. The result is a more comfortable experience for you while permanently eliminating unwanted hair, age spots, surface veins, wrinkles, rosacea and more, and literally renewing your skin from the inside out with fractional skin resurfacing

Lasers and IPL devices emit light energy, which is absorbed by the pigment in the target area. In hair reduction, the light is absorbed by the hair shaft and travels as heat down to the hair follicle and hair stem cells, destroying their ability to regrow.

In skin treatments for rosacea, sunspots, age spots and spider veins, the pigment in the blemish absorbs the energy and breaks up for noticeably improved appearance.

IPL has several advantages over lasers for these services. Lasers deliver energy in a shorter burst or spike than IPL, often causing a stinging pain with each burst. IPL uses a longer wavelength to deliver the energy.

To further your comfort during treatment, the Angelite system also has a patented cooling plate that helps keeps your skin feeling cooler.

IPL can also treat a wider variety of hair and skin types in addition to treating darker skin tones than most lasers can safely or effectively treat, as well as finer hair and lighter hair types.