Skin Care by Accentric

Customized Darphin Facials

Refreshing Purity Treatment

Rebalancing Oily Skin 45min |  $90
A deep purifying and detoxing treatment for all skin type that refines pores and leaves the complexion refreshed, sparkling clean, clear and bright.
Designed for clients seeking a refreshed, bright, clear and flawless complexion

Detox Strengthening Bubble Treatment

Purifying and Protecting Stressed Skin 45min  |  $90
Replace a dull, overexposed complexion with a fresh, healthy radiance. This detoxifying facial relaxes as it clarifies, removing every trace of city grit and grime. Recharge the skin from exposure to environmental elements and lift the spirit with a vitamin-packed boost. Get rid of internal and external aggressors to experience maximal glow in minimal time.
Designed for clients seeking relief from fast-paced, high-stress living and heavily polluted environments.

Quenching Infusion

Relaxing Dehydrated Skin 1h  |   $145
Plunge your epidermis into a soothing bath of hydration. After a gentle cleansing and peeling, offer your skin the delicacy of an emollient mask enriched with essential oils and the benefits of an appropriate serum and cream. For a sensation of absolute comfort and hydrated, soothed skin.
Designed for clients with "thirsty"skin visibly lacking moisture and showing lines.

Harmonizing Caress Treatment

Soothing Sensitive Skin 1h  |  $145
A calming cocoon for aggravated complexions. A pillowy-soft flower blend to reduce redness and reveal a smooth, even-toned complexion while promoting inner and outer peace.
Designed for clients suffering from irritated, stressed skin with low tolerance and high sensitivity.

Anti-Dark Spots Perfecting Treatment

Evening the Complexion 1h  |  $145
Darphin Institute has drawn on its laboratory expertise to create the highest innovative technology MELAPERFECT, offering an effective and powerful anti-dark spots treatment. Step-by-step in a pampering and silky way, dark spots are toned down, the complexion is harmonized and the face regains its velvety touch.
Designed for clients concerned by dark spots, who want to boost their daily MELAPERFECT routine with an occasional treatment or a full facial program. 

Expert Smoothing And Replumping Treatment

Wrinkle Repair and Firmness 1h  |  $175
Turn around aging and experience total renewal.A complete rejuvenation treatment to regenerate the epidermis with two time-reversal massages that reshape and firm facial muscles to reveal a clear, even-toned complexion. Experience opulence while a luscious, firming mask enriched with age-defying essences saturates and plumps the skin for instant radiance and rejuvenation.
Designed for clients with 
telltale signs of aging (wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness, open pores and brown age spots).

Ultimate Divine Lifting Treatment

Radiant Mature Skin 1h  |  $180
Darphin's signature indulgent treat and most effective treatment for aging skin. A lavish, luxurious "youth cure": an immersion in one heavenly pleasure after another. Transcend the everyday with Pierre Darphin's unique youth renewal massage as it tones, tightens and lifts to redefine facial contours.  The ultimate boost for your skin and your spirit.
Designed for clients seeking ultimate pampering delight with exceptional age-defying results.

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Pre-Post Natal Treatments

Pineapple & Calcium Prenatal Facial

Mother-to-be Facial 1h  |   $145
Pure pampering for unpredictable complexions. Enjoy serenity while your complexion is babied with calming and comforting massages and gentle ingredients.

Sesame & Rose Post Natal

Radiance Booster Facial New Mother Facial 1h  |  $145 
Complete complexion revival after baby’s arrival. This toning, brightening treatment helps to make up for sleepless nights and hectic days. Skin looks fresh, fabulous, replenished and rested.

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Special Priorities

Meadowsweet & Cucumber Eye Refiner

Eye Treatment 30min  |   $60
Exquisite bliss, complete renewal and rejuvenation for the fragile eye area. Eyes look fresh, bright, younger, sparkling and well- rested!

Mulberry & Grape Hand Retreat

Hand Treatment 45min  |   $50
Renewal and rejuvenation for hands, renewal and well-being for you! Reflexology massage awakens inner wellbeing and a warm vitamin mask leaves hands perfectly silky-smooth and radiant.

Geranium And Grapefruit Feet Retreat

Feet Treatment 45min  |  $70
A blissful, “bare necessity” for beautiful feet. Feet, calves and your whole being benefit from a soothing, nourishing treatment that sloughs away rough skin, repairs and relieves tensions.

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